There are many Canada consultancy in Hyderabad that are ready to help you become the citizen of Canada or some agency that solves your US visa Pune Problem. However, in every profession, there are some good and bad people, it doesn’t make the whole profession bad.

If you are not sure which consultant to trust with your money and documentation, maybe these points may help you to find the right agency

Check their Authorization

To accept money to work on your immigration application, a consultant must have the proper authorization. For immigration consultants, this authorization comes through the Immigration Consultants of Canada Regulatory Council (ICCRC), and for lawyers, it comes through their provincial legal association, usually called a Bar Association. 

To check if your consultant has the proper authorization, ask them to provide their RCIC number. You can check the RCIC number from an online website.

Asking money in exchange for the job       

If any immigration agency wants money and insures you about a fix & No Scam job offer. Then it’s a significant danger, you should collect your documents and run. Immigration lawyers and immigration consultants are not employment recruiters. No reputable immigration lawyer or consultant will offer to get you a Canadian job offer if you pay them money. Be wary of these people who present good an easy life, there are no such things.

The agreement trap

There’s a retainer agreement that outlines the type of services a lawyer or consultant will provide you, along with the duration of services, the payment structure, and what you are expected to provide as the client. 

“Do not pay a lawyer or a consultant upfront if they cannot provide a retainer agreement or contract”.

However, be sure to read every word of the retainer agreement. Untrustworthy lawyers and consultants are known for writing incredibly long contracts with the expectation that you will not read the whole thing. That gives them the chance to hide extra fees and other tricks deep inside the contract.

Question and reviews:

In the end, it’s all about questions, asking is a key factor in discovering the capabilities of an agency while replying to the answers. However, you need to have some basic amount of knowledge regarding immigration services. So, you may identify the lies and tricks of the agency.  If you don’t understand some agency then ask about them, in your community. There are groups on Facebook for an immigration consultant related questions and even the old customers who used that agency may give you hidden insides.