Life of human has different shades and perspectives. He or he has to take care of health and wealth but at the same time, there is a need for every person to attain goals and maintain relations with their loved ones. Therefore, there are different niches in life coaching. Some of them are:

Relationship Life Coaching:
A relationship life coach assists the client to mend their relations with their families, couples and loved ones. They have a detailed and productive conversation in which they work on plans and actions to solve the problem. A relationship life coach men their bonding by communication and crafting an actionable plan that can please all people of the family or the partner.

Career Life Coaching:
Students and young adults face difficulties in career. They could not decide what career they should pursue in their lives. A career life coach is made for these students and adults. A coach gives ears to their problem while sitting with pen and paper. They ask them questions to bring out what they want to do to earn money and attain satisfaction and then, by using the tools of neuro-linguistic programming and questions and answers, they tell them what they can do. Many old people go for career coaching in Dubai as well to plan what to do after retirements or to find out ways to earn after leaving a job.

Health and Wellness Life Coaching:
Many ladies and gentlemen have to lose weight or gain weight but their compulsive eating or imbalanced diet keep them a way to fulfil their aims and goals. Health coach makes you accountable if you have followed the plan that you have made with the coach. They assist you to follow the plan and remain consistent with it. They help you to quit imbalance diet and compulsive eating.  

Finance Life Coaching:
Many people in their 30s have ample loans and debts to pay. Many of them have loans and debts due to their lifestyle or some people have loans to pay because of having sudden death or difficulties. Finance lie coaches assist you to pay debts and loans in the long term or short term easily. The professional makes a suitable plan that you can follow and free yourself from the loans and debts. 

So, these are a few main types of life coaching. Besides, there are spiritual life coaches and mental health life coach as well.