A special power of attorney in Dubai is a valid and legal document that grants an individual or entity appointed with it the power to make decisions on behalf of another. The individual or entity may be anyone, including a spouse, parents, children, parents, and other relatives or friends. The document is commonly used by people who intend on traveling abroad and there’s a requirement for a third person to have consent in dealing with private affairs in his/her absence. The penalties associated with a power of attorney vary in line with its use and the damage caused to the party affected.

Before you decide to use a power of attorney in Dubai, the factors you must take into consideration are as follows: the importance and position of the individual; the importance and position of your relationship with the individual; and the consequences of not having the special power of attorney. If you have no relationship with the other party or if the party you represent is not in any way implicated with any wrongdoing, you don’t need to get one.

There are certain powers of attorney that may be conferred on one individual while another may be revoked or limited by law. The most common power of attorneys in Dubai includes those that grant authority to a spouse to make legal transactions and submit mortgages, deeds, or insurance policies to others, revoke or restrict other’s powers about finances, authority to carry on business, authority to enter private commercial establishments, and so forth. Experienced UAE notary public will be familiar with the Dubai laws about these powers of attorneys and the different types of transactions that take place in the country. 

You can find a reputable and experienced UAE notary public by consulting a UAE-based corporate law firm, or by searching on the internet. These firms usually maintain websites where they provide information on how to find a qualified and experienced UAE notary public. Once you know where to find the UAE-based corporate law firm, the next step you need to take is to search for a qualified UAE notary.

Before taking your oath of office as a special power of attorney in Dubai, you need to make sure that you understand all the legal document requirements. Your new attorney will receive all the necessary instructions from you relating to registering or undertaking any type of legal proceedings in Dubai. You need to be careful that you understand all the ins and outs of the formation process and what is needed for it.

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