Mystery shopping services have become one of the important parts of the industry and this is the reason that shoppers these days are in demand more and more. If you are one of the newbie to this business then we believe a small quick guide can be extremely helpful to get a hang of it. Keep on reading to know and understand a checklist which every mystery shopper should have to perform their job effectively.

  • Get in the customer mindset

This is of course very important because if you enter that shop with a mindset of a regular person just taking a stroll then you will not be able to perform the job with accuracy and find the right problems in there.

  • Understand the staff and their training

Once you have reached the venue and you are in check with your surroundings, you have to start looking out at the staff. Take a deep dive into what and who they actually are and what is their response to your questions which will give you a good look into their training and what they have been taught to do.

  • Grade the staff

As you must know, it is not always easy to remember about all the people and staff that you interact with which is why you should make a simple small memorized criteria for grading them. This way your grades which you have noted down will let you remember what you actually thought about them.

  • Question them about their knowledge related to customer

When we ask you to question the staff about their knowledge about their customers, we don’t recommend you to go ahead with interviewing questions because that will give away your real identity and put your position in jeopardy. Instead be a naive customer and see how they direct you in the right direction.

  • Keep your review relevant

It is not going to help the company if you add in details about the shoes you wore to the store which is why you need to keep your reviews and feedback crisp and detailed about relevant information. The more helpful your information is the more you will be regarded and acknowledged by other services and be hired more.

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