There are several different ways to pack your personal belongings forĀ storage units in Dubai. These include: choosing climate-controlled storage, packing according to fragility and weight, and protecting your belongings from fire. In this article, we will go over some important packing tips. You can also read about labeling your storage units. Then, you will know exactly where to store everything. And, if you are still uncertain, we will cover some of the most common questions and hopefully, help you make the right choice.

Packing based on fragility and weight:

When packing your possessions for storage, you should first list all of them, preferably in video form. Listed items should be packed according to their fragility and weight. Whether your possessions are large, heavy, or awkwardly shaped, make sure to group them by type, location, and frequency of use. Also, consider whether they are insured and how much protection they need.

It would help if you used newspaper or bubble wrap for packing:

When packing fragile items, you should use newspaper or bubble wrap. The purpose of wrapping is to avoid damage during transportation. Use double or triple-wrapping for exposed parts. You can also place small, fragile items inside the box for extra cushioning. Then, wrap the rest of your items in paper or newspaper to make them easier to access. After that, label the boxes accordingly.

Protecting items from fire:

Before moving your belongings into storage, you must take precautions against fire. It would help if you considered putting wooden furniture in boxes or separating them into smaller pieces. Make sure to polish or disassemble metal items to prevent oxidation. In addition, make sure your belongings are clean. Proper storage will keep your items safe for years. Following these tips will help you avoid disaster. But these tips do not cover every possible issue.

Labeling storage units:

If you plan to keep your items in storage units, you must label them properly. To do so, you can use painter’s tape to label the surfaces of the boxes. This tape does not scratch easily and is a durable option. You can buy ready-made labels from Office Depot to make your job easier. These labels have adhesive on the back and will stick to any surface. However, you must note that these labels are not suitable for cardboard boxes.