There are several services of expat wills Dubai which you can hire to get your will documented but on the same note you can also hire a good solicitor too for this purpose. He will be a bit expensive for you but will provide better services and after sales services to you. You can also get to hire the DIFC wills and probate services if you need to get more information about your will formation. When you hire will services then there are some benefits and drawbacks too for hiring them. If you want to know about it then you can see this:

Benefits: When you are going to hire a service then you will have to pay fewer amounts as they will provide lesser information than a solicitor but if you are on a budget then you can hire these services instead of writing your own will. When you go to hire a solicitor then they will come to visit your or ask you to come to their office for a few times in order to let all the tings sorted out but when you hire a will service then they will give you the ease of online assistance and you can get the information while you are sitting at your home. You can hire form several companies as there are mane which are providing these services on cheaper prices.

Drawbacks: With so many benefits there are drawbacks too. You will get the services but you will not get the proper protection as you will get when you hire a solicitor because they are well informed and they will provide after sale services too. They will help you if you get stuck at any point of your life due to your own will. You will not get this kind of facility from the will service. When you hire someone from a company then they will not be fully unqualified to write legal documents and some of them do not even know about any legal term, they just provide you writing services. On the other hand when you get the solicitor then they will know about laws and legal writings due to their association with the concerned authorities. Another drawback is that your will is not very safe with the sill service provider but safe in the hands of a solicitor.